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Bonsai Pots

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The right bonsai pot adds another level of creativity...
Bonsai trees are miniature trees or shrubs that may vary in size, but generally are quite small (very tiny for a tree). For this obvious reason, the bonsai pots that hold the bonsai trees are not very big. And because these pots play a role in the miniaturization process, they are usually not very deep as well. With many different species to choose from and the many different settings that are possible, Bonsai pots can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit individual needs.

Traditionally made of clay, modern bonsai pots can also be found that are made from plastic. There is much to ponder when choosing a bonsai pot, for the pot you pick can have an impact on the display of your bonsai tree. After all, bonsai trees are more than just a tiny potted tree; they are little works of living craftmanship. So find a pot that expresses both the tree and you!

AS you are probably beginning to see, Bonsai pots are not always the standard 'pots' as we normally think of plant containers. As bonsai is an artform, so can the bonsai pots be; perhaps an unusual box, a hollowed out log, or even a piece of slate can double as a bonsai pot. It must be something that you can drill drain holes in the bottom of, but letting your imagination flow can lead to many a different container that will work for a bonsai pot replacement. There is an ancient saying, "If the design speaks wonders, so will your guests." But, of course, there are no shortcomings in using a traditional bonsai pot.

Ceramic Orchid Pot with AttachedTray  8.25
Ceramic Orchid Pot with Attached Tray 8.25"x7.25" Tall
Aztec Orange Color
Round Sized to fit 8.0" Plastic Growing Pot" For Sale
Colors should be taken into account when buying bonsai pots. As older bonsai trees usually do better with less intense colors, the earth tones are always a nice choice for them. And the younger ones are usually placed in bonsai pots of a muted color. Again, the preference and choice is yours, and much weight in your judgement should be reserved for functionality - on the actual width and depth of the bonsai pot. You would generally want to choose a color that compliments the tree. But what the term "compliments" means depends upon the individual's artistic vision.

When deciding on the actual design or makeup of the bonsai pot look at it in relationship to your tree. The flowering of the tree, the bark, the color, the age, and other aspects of the bonsai tree all can come into play when making this decision. While there are no set standards on which bonsai pot goes with which bonsai tree, the practioner is prompted to contemplate both the tree and pot in their totality before making the final choice.

Bonsai pots are can be as integral a part of the art of bonsai as the trees themselves. They can invoke conversation in their own right, and certainly should draw attention to the masterpiece you are creating. Finding the right bonsai pot is not just a matter of matching tree type to pot type; it is a personal preference as to what you think will compliment your tree and decor.

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