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Types Of Bonsai Trees

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Formal Upright, Cascade, Windswept... which one matches you!
Bonsai trees are great addition to any one's home. They are accent pieces that would enhance anyone's decor. They make great conversation pieces... they are small enough to be placed just about anywhere and they are unique combinations of Nature and Craft!

There are many types of Bonsai trees that range from indoors to outdoors to uprights and slants. Choosing the one that is right for you may depend upon where you live, your sense of beauty, and the look you are hoping to realize. As long as you possess the time and dedication needed to take care of these tiny trees, you will do well.

One of the most recommended kinds of Bonsai trees is the Formal Upright. It's shape is basic in form and the easiest to take care of. As the name implies, Formal Upright is a vertical tree that is balanced nicely. The lower branches create a base from which the tree grows straight to a narrowing tip. Species of Pine and Spruce, among others, are the best types of trees to make a Formal Upright. The Informal Upright is similar with one noticeable variation from the Formal. While it is also vertical, the top branch bends a little forward at the top. The Japanese Maple and Beech tree varieties make good Informal Uprights.

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree Large  (Ulmus Parvifolia)
Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree For Sale
Other styles of Bonsai trees include the Slant, Cascade, Semi Cascade, and Windswept. The Slant is another type of bonsai tree whose name reflects its attributes. The tree slants one way and the lower branch slants the other way. Most trees can be grown in this manner, but be careful. Bonsai trees are usually about balance, you do not want to get a tree that looks like it will fall over.

The Cascade varieties are named for their sloping effect. The Semi Cascade is similar to the Cascade with the only real difference being that the slope of the trunk is more gradual. And the Windswept is named for their having looked like the wind blew through them, much like someone's long hair blowing in the wind.

Bonsai trees can also be differentiated as being indoor and outdoor Bonsai. The Indoor Bonsai makes a great shower or office party gift. Generally the ficus trees or a baby jade are great indoor types of Bonsai trees. The Outdoor Bonsai are kept outside, for they are not house plants. They can be brought inside for special displays, but only for a few days. Outdoor bonsai are split further into the categories of evergreens and deciduous trees. The Juniper is an evergreen that is easily trained and rarely fails to look good.

There are many types of Bonsai trees to experiment with. Which one(s) you choose depends upon your personal style as well as the time and effort you have to put into it.

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